Escola de Frikis is an initiative that aims at getting girls and boys in primary schools interested in new technology. This project is promoted by the UMH Scientific Park and it is run by the UMH Foundation.

UMH will train and send Monitors from the Escola de Frikis to the schools that take part in the project.

The Monitors will mainly be Engineering Degree students from UMH. They earn money from this to help pay for their studies and they contribute to promoting the STEM academic disciplines among primary school children.

The Hour of Code

In December students will celebrate the Hour of Code, It is an international event in which they will have to create a video game in one hour and they will get a diploma for this at the end of the session.

Programming competition

The programming competition will happen at june. It is where 6th grade primary school students who have enrolled in Escola de Frikis will compete with their creations to see who can come up with the most incredible idea. Read all the information about the enrolments and the event in the competition rules (2017-18 edition).

General information

  • Date: From October to May.
  • Timetable: 1 hour weekly per level.
  • Price: 96 € per student.
  • Groups: From 10 to 16 students per group.


  • Level 1 (1st grade primary school students): Designed for beginner readers. The students will do programming in the company of the Angry Birds characters, who will help them acquire problem solving skills. They will also learn about the importance of working together and persevering with difficult tasks.
  • Level 2 (2nd grade primary school students): The students will learn the basics about programming. They will also take their first steps to create interactive stories and games based on the characters of Minecraft and Angry Birds. In addition to that, they will be introduced to the LibreOffice Draw programme.
  • Level 3 (3rd grade primary school students): The students will continue to learn programming concepts and structures, such as the conditional loops. They will solve problems in teams using puzzle games known as Plants vs Zombies or Angry Birds. They will also be introduced to the LibreOffice Writer program.
  • Level 4 (4th grade primary school students): The students will study the Internet culture and security in more detail. They will learn how to come up with flexible solutions for more complex problems together with characters from the Star Wars saga. They will also be introduced to the LibreOffice Impress program.
  • Level 5 (5th grade primary school students): The students of Escola de Frikis will learn how to create complex interactive stories with the characters of Frozen. These stories will require the combination of advanced computing concepts. At the end of the course they will be able to solve problems with the programming logic. They will also be introduced to the LibreOffice Calc program.
  • Level 6 (6th grade primary school students): Using the Scratch blocks programming tool, the students will learn how to design their own project to create a story or game from scratch.