The objective of Escola de Frikis is to get children interested in using technology and computers, teaching them about computer programming to promote their creativity, logic and problem solving skills.

STEM Education

The “STEM education” concept is a new way of teaching Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology together (all of them, not only Computing as it is now) with two very distinct features:

  • Teaching-learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics together instead of as separate areas of knowledge, so that they specifically assimilate the concepts of two or more disciplines.
  • Engineering approach to developing theoretical concepts that can then be put into practice and are always aimed at solving technological problems.

Furthermore, the STEM education concept promotes competitiveness, it will therefore help make the economy more prosperous in the future and it is a clear sign of a country’s capacity to maintain sustained growth.

Women In Engineering

The WIE (“Women in Engineering”) initiative aims at promoting the technological and engineering professions among women.

The problem

Only a very limited number of women have technological-based professions, compared to men.

The gender inequality in the ICT sector is a serious problem for countries and organisations. That is why initiatives are undertaken to try and get women to be interested in the world of technology right from primary school.

Why is it important?

In 1984,


of computer science graduates were women.

Now it is only


In the last few years, technological-based professions have grown the most. The European Union predicts that by 2020 there will be more than 800,000 jobs related to the information technology and telecommunications sector.

If the existing dynamics does not change, the wage gap between men and women will increase considerably.